Energy Dollars Going To Waste

About 46% of your utility bill is for “space conditioning.” Answer these questions:

  • Do you replace filters monthly?
  • Have you sealed holes around plumbing and heating pipes?
  • Do you have your system serviced twice a year?
  • Have you had ducts sealed and insulated?

A “no” to any of the above means you’re wasting money.

Energy Savings Variables

Remember that spending less can cost you more. Three things are important in judging a “good buy” versus a rip-off:
Purchase Price – This appears to be a good way to comparison-shop, but it can be deceiving and cause you to spend more on…
Maintenance Costs – Comparing warranties, reliability and repair costs is the smartest way to evaluate this component.
Operating Costs – This usually means “ongoing” costs such as fuel consumption and power usage. All products must meet minimum efficiency standards set by the Department of Energy, but many use even less energy and cost less to run.

When you call us at (660) 263-5944 for your regular tune-up, ask for an estimate of how much you can save with a new energy-efficient system.

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity!

Humidity makes you feel hotter, or colder. Having too much or too little in your environment can make you sick. The ideal relative humidity is between 30%-60%, so what can you do to balance your home’s air?

Take the time to pick up a hygrometer, a device that measures humidity. Also, both humidifiers and dehumidifiers are available. Or, we can determine your needs and pick the right equipment.

Having the right humidity in your home can increase your comfort, save energy and even increase your family’s health.

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