Can Mold Destroy Your Home?

You do everything you can to keep your home safe, but mold is a silent, invisible and deadly danger you might not even know about. Molds produce chemicals called mycotoxins that can cause rashes, seizures, unusual bleeding, respiratory problems and severe fatigue to you and your family.

Deadly Consequences of Mold

Toxic mold also poisons indoor air. It grows around areas of water damage because it needs water and an organic food source, like cellulose, to grow. Cellulose is found in building materials like wood, ceiling tile and drywall. The toxin is then circulated throughout the home and breathed in. It can cause serious damage to the lungs and central nervous system. Symptoms can appear suddenly and are frightening.

Help is There

This threat can be avoided by removing water-damaged materials as soon as possible. The best way to control mold growth is to control moisture. A properly maintained heating and cooling system, plus smart indoor air quality defense, can help tremendously.

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Keep More Cash This Summer

  • Set your thermostat to 78 º F. Each degree below 78 º F will increase energy consumption by about 8%.
  • Change your air filters. Call us with your filter size, and we’ll provide one with your tune-up.
  • Have your ductwork checked for leaks. This can save you a bundle!
  • Use bath and kitchen fans sparingly. They can pull out all your chilled air within one hour.
  • Get an air conditioning tune-up. This can save you money on energy, spot a danger and make you more comfortable.

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