Air Balancing for Home Comfort

Win the Thermostat War with Air Balancing

If you’re hot but they’re cold and you’re constantly running to adjust the thermostat, your home comfort system may be “unbalanced.” An unbalanced system invites nasty side effects like mold growth, condensation, backdrafts in combustibles, high energy bills and that world famous thermostat war.

The following symptoms mean your system needs to be balanced:

  • Temperature is not uniform from room to room.
  • You have to constantly adjust the thermostat to remain comfortable.
  • Supplemental comfort devices are needed, such as additional heaters in the winter or fans during the summer.

A qualified HVAC professional can analyze the airflow and temperature in each room and adjust your system for optimal performance through air balancing. Sometimes leaks, present in about 20% of homes nationwide, prevent your system from working effectively. These problems can be diagnosed and corrected by a qualified HVAC professional – like us.

So give us a call if your system is causing a war on the home front. We’ll restore your comfort and hopefully save you energy dollars while we’re at it.

Breathing Easy

Mold and dust mites flourish in high humidity. They thrive when given the right conditions. Keep the humidity level in your home between 35-40% by changing your filters regularly. Over 40% encourages dust mite and mold growth. HEPA filtration offers both fresh air ventilation and high quality air by trapping up to 99.97% of airborne allergens. It reduces humidity, unpleasant odors and is especially helpful to those with asthma and seasonal allergies. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you breathe a little easier.

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